Governments taking a ‘conservative’ approach to cannabis marketing, but may need to take a page from alcohol’s book

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Provincial governments in Canada have adopted a “conservative” approach to the branding behind cannabis legalization that’s likely not as effective as it could be, suggest researchers from the University of Alberta (U of A). The apparent ambivalence regarding weed marketing has almost extended to a “demarketing” strategy, according to Folio , the U of A’s brand journalism site. “Our initial expectation was that governments would be competing fairly effectively with either the private sector or the illicit market,” notes Kyle Murray, study co-author and acting dean of the Alberta School of Business. Thinking the government would try to extend what it had already been doing in alcohol sales, Murray comments “that isn’t the case; they all basically took a conservative approach to the sales.” Michigan cannabis dispensary to gift five customers US$1,000 golden tickets for St. Patrick’s Day Can celebrity-backed cannabis brands exist under Health Canada’s tight regulations? We’re only starting to find out how Has Canada gone too far to regulate marijuana branding? Murray and Jared Wesley, a political scientist in the university’s Faculty of Arts, looked at government brand elements such as logos, e-commerce platforms and storefronts and compared these core elements to each province’s liquor brands, paying particular attention to colours, fonts, styles and other stylistic components. Furthermore, interviews were conducted with senior public servants in all provinces and territories. Regulations under the federal Cannabis Act have fairly strict rules around promotion with regard to cannabis, cannabis accessories and cannabis services that are likely to influence and shape attitudes, beliefs and behaviours about the thing or service. The rules apply to, among others, those who produce, sell or distribute cannabis and related accessories and services. Unless authorized under the Cannabis Act , it’s a no-no to promote by several means. This includes doing so in a manner…

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Source : Governments taking a ‘conservative’ approach to cannabis marketing, but may need to take a page from alcohol’s book

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