Don't let these potted pot plants fool you, they are fake

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What’s the next hottest fake plant for the home? U.S.-based Pot Plant is betting that artful, yet artificial, marijuana plants — some complete with lookalike trichomes — could be the next home décor trendsetter. Why offer the pseudo pot plant? Company co-founder Karina Farris reports that she appreciates the beauty of the plant and the medicinal qualities it has, according to Newsweek . Farris’ passion for cannabis developed after the plant helped her father deal with his skin cancer, she told BudsFeed . A too-stoned-on-edibles Seth Rogen knew it was time to leave the Golden Globes when ‘Walter White’ asked: ‘Are you okay?’ Medical marijuana patients stymied by systemic barriers are self-medicating Here comes the bride — and her bong “Together, we researched, read and learned a ton about the medicinal properties of cannabis,” she said. “I became fascinated with the characteristics of the plant, and I felt the need to educate people about what it had done for my dad,” she said, pointing out “the majority of people in my world at the time were afraid of weed, and I felt passionate about changing that.” Established in 2019, the company strives “to change the way that the world views weed, by normalizing its presence in daily life and by highlighting its aesthetically pleasing qualities,” Farris wrote in an email to Newsweek . With imitation being the sincerest form of flattery, Farris has said that the potted offerings are purposely “hyperreal.” Having received compliments about the cannabis plants she used to grow at home, “I thought, if only more people could see the plant in its truest, most natural form, they would see cannabis in a different light,” she told Newsweek . The reproductions are available in four sizes and priced at US$25 ($31.50) to US$125 ($157.50). The four home…

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