4 brands Susie Plascencia can't live without


Susie Plascencia is a tour de force in the cannabis world, making a full career’s worth of moves by the age of 30. She’s starred as the stoner vixen in a B-Real video, called out cultural appropriation in cannabis on the front page of the LA Times, and — most recently — co-founded Mota Glass, the first minority-owned glass brand with an emphasis on supporting local glass blowers and minorities in cannabis. But Plascencia’s journey to the top of pot began unexpectedly.  “I’ve been a cannabis user for many years, but because of the stigma it was something that was hidden in my life,” she told Weedmaps. “With me being a Latina, you know, growing up in a very, very Mexican household, there’s a lot of stigma surrounding cannabis within the culture … I was always the good girl growing up. I didn’t think that I could exist in both worlds.”  After studying PR and marketing at USC, Plascencia began working at an LA-based agency with celebrity clients. “I wasn’t even trying to get into cannabis,” she said. “I didn’t think it was even possible at the time. I just wanted to do the corporate thing so badly because I thought it was what I wanted.”  It wasn’t until she began working with talk show host and cannabis advocate Montel Williams, that she began to connect the dots, fusing her passions into a future.  “One of our clients was Montel Williams. Montel is a celebrity, but he’s also a cannabis consumer because he battles MS,” she said. “So I started dipping into doing cannabis work through PR work [since] we were doing a lot on Montel and his use of cannabis.”  While her work with Montel was the initial spark of her interest in cannabis, the match was really lit…

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