Customs seizes drugs worth $190,000 in two days at two Irish mail centres

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Irish Revenue customs officials have again seized numerous parcels of drugs, including cannabis, from Canada, the U.S. and the U.K. The latest haul of dozens of packages, thanks to the trusty assistance of canine officers at mail centres, were seized during three separate confiscations on Mar. 23 and 22. The biggest seizure on Tuesday at the Dublin Mail Centre involved just shy of four kilograms of various illegal drugs, including herbal cannabis, cannabis oil, cannabis edibles, cocaine and butane honey oil, notes a statement from Revenue , whose mission is to fairly and efficiently collect taxes and duties. Drug-sniffing dog discovers nearly $2 million worth of cannabis and edibles in Dublin port Polish national in his 20s arrested after $2.7 million worth of weed found at Irish ferry terminal Separate shipments lead to the same result: Irish authorities intercept weed from U.S., Canada, Spain and the U.K. The latest seizure — like many others over the years — is part of Revenue’s ongoing operations targeting smuggling and the shadow economy. As part of the latest incident involving the Dublin Mail Centre, the combined value of the drugs discovered Tuesday in 28 separate parcels was almost 77,500 euros ($114,700). But the Dublin centre was not alone in finding illegal drugs on site. At the Athlone Mail Centre, Revenue officers there seized 23 separate parcels from the U.K. and Spain that contained 620 Zopiclone tablets and 5.7 kg of various illegal drugs, including cannabis, cannabis resin, amphetamine, synthetic cannabinoids and cannabis-infused edibles. The estimated value of the drugs was almost 50,000 euros ($74,000). Drug-detection dogs at the mail centres, namely the Baileys, were instrumental in showing that parcels labelled “boxing equipment,” “dough craft toy,” “fishing tackle,” “beef jerky,” and “ice hockey equipment” most certainly were not. In the 2019 report from European…

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Source : Customs seizes drugs worth 0,000 in two days at two Irish mail centres

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