Some of the highest queer women in weed 🏳️‍🌈

I spoke to my mom on the phone last night and told her I was working on an article. She inquired what it was about, and when I said “queer women in weed,” she asked, “What are you writing about? Don’t they enjoy it like anyone else? What’s the difference?” I knew there was a thoughtful answer to this line of questioning, but I needed to sit back with a joint to grasp its simplicity fully. And as the sweet Biscotti smoke relaxed my mind, I remembered an article about brunching with the queer and women-owned brand Sonder, recalling that it’s just a fact that the cannabis industry — like so many industries — has been historically represented by white males. So the answer to my mom’s questions is that queer women enjoy weed, create weed things, and have high ambitions just like anyone else, but the popular marketplace has yet to reflect that depth of diversity accurately.  People of all walks of life must hear about these exceptional brands that are breaking glass ceilings with innovative strategies, top-shelf products, and impactful nonprofit offerings. Some of the highest queer women in weed Emily Eizen of Emily Eizen Emily Eizen oozes creativity. In an interview with, Eizen said that as a young disenfranchised feminist she felt isolated from her peers and found her true outlet in creating multimedia art. Her paintings, sculptures, photography, and modeling all push the boundaries of colorways and the ways of art, gender, and sexuality. Cannabis features heavily in her trippy themes, and in her modeling you can often find a joint dangling loosely from her mouth or a cloud of smoke being seductively exhaled, her reddened eyes peering thoughtfully back at you. The bright colors, heavy line drawings, perfect makeup; they all contribute to an…

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