Shot or not? Teen selling weed lies to cops after being injured during deal gone wrong

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Oregon police responding to a report that a 19-year-old male had been shot found the particulars of his story — including his actual wounds — didn’t add up, ultimately determining he was hurt when a suspected drug deal went sideways. Deputies with the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) arrived at the resident of the accused’s neighbour just before 2 a.m. on Mar. 23 to clear the scene, render aid and look for suspects, notes a CCSO Facebook post. But the deputies didn’t have to look too far as, upon speaking to the victim, who was evaluated and released by local paramedics, his story seemed to unravel fairly quickly. This man called the police to report a potential burglary, but got busted for growing cannabis instead Man charged with making false reports after claiming dealer robbed him Man calls cops on ex-girlfriend for stealing his pot CCSO reports that Gabriel Edward Farrell had minor injuries, but “they weren’t consistent with a gunshot wound,” the post notes. A bit more investigation revealed that his story didn’t add up. Eventually, police say that Farrell fessed up. The truth was that “he’d been selling marijuana extracts to three people when a physical altercation transpired and the buyers fled. Ferrell said he produced a gun and began firing it at three as they fled,” despite homes being nearby, notes the post. He then tossed the firearm into some bushes, from which the deputies later recovered it. Ferrell has been arrested on charges of unlawful use of a weapon and disorderly conduct. The statement does not make mention of any cannabis charges. Recreational cannabis is legal in Oregon. That said, having more than a quarter ounce (seven grams) of hash or concentrates not purchased from a licensed retailer is a felony punishable with five years in…

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Source : Shot or not? Teen selling weed lies to cops after being injured during deal gone wrong

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