Illinois city said to be first in the U.S. to use cannabis tax money to offer Black residents reparations

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The Chicago suburb of Evanston, Illinois has green lit what many others have said they want — and should — do: make reparations to Black residents for the effects of slavery. And the money that will help the city do that — perhaps fittingly, given the continuing racial divide on weed-related prosecutions and the ongoing fallout from the War on Drugs — will be revenue from cannabis taxes. On Monday, members of the city council voted 8-1 to take the first step in its previously developed plan to ultimately distribute US$10 million ($12.5 million) to eligible Black households over the next 10 years. Chris Webber on his $100 million cannabis fund: ‘We’re trying to change the industry to have it look like America’ Seth Rogen suggests racist approach to cannabis laws have not changed Unused newspaper boxes might offer the ticket to freedom for non-violent weed offenders nabbed as part of the War on Drugs Council members authorized providing US$400,000 ($504,000) in housing assistance and mortgage relief to eligible residents through its Local Reparations Restorative Housing Program. The program accounts for four per cent of total reparations, notes a statement from city council . Eligible recipients will be able to access as much as US$25,000 ($31,500) for mortgage assistance, down payment help and funding for home improvements. Moving forward with the program represents the “first steps towards repairing historic harm to the Black and African American community caused by past racial discriminatory housing policies and practices in Evanston, and inaction by the city,” the statement notes. “While we acknowledge we have a long way to go to repair all of the damages done by racism, we also know this program will make a real and lasting difference in the lives of some of those harmed by past injustices, and will…

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Source : Illinois city said to be first in the U.S. to use cannabis tax money to offer Black residents reparations

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