GOP Congressman Condemns Marijuana-Related White House Firings In Letter To Biden

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A Republican congressman sent a letter calling on President Joe Biden to direct his administration stop firing White House staff for admitting to prior marijuana use and instead rehire people who were asked to resign solely for being honest about their history with cannabis. A separate letter from multiple lawmakers is expected to be delivered to the White House this week, seeking clarification on the administration’s marijuana employment policy. Meanwhile, Rep. David Joyce (R-OH), a co-chair of the Congressional Cannabis Caucus (CCC), pointed out in his new letter that numerous states have moved to legalize marijuana in some form, overturning “decades-long policies that are both arcane and discriminatory.” He added that “when used correctly and responsibly, cannabis has many proven health benefits.” The opioid crisis and COVID-19 pandemic further underscore why “we should be encouraging these therapies, not finding ways to further stigmatize and disenfranchise them,” he wrote on Monday. That’s effectively what the Biden administration is reported to have done by firing, suspending or placing in a remote work program dozens of mostly young staff who admitted to prior marijuana use on a federal form that’s required in the background check process. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said only five people lost their jobs over cannabis but did not speak to suspensions or other punishments. In any case, Joyce said that “aside from the obvious impact to the employees in question, I am also concerned about the message the federal government is sending by penalizing those who chose to be forthcoming and truthful.” “Simply put, in a nation where the truth is considered malleable, we need to demonstrate to our young public servants that telling the truth is an honorable trait, not one to be punished,” he said. “I respectfully request that your administration discontinue punishment of staff…

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Source : GOP Congressman Condemns Marijuana-Related White House Firings In Letter To Biden

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