Weed grow fire attracts emergency staff and lands father, two sons in hot water

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A man and his two adult sons were arrested after the father tried to prevent police from entering his still-burning home to douse the fire believed to have been sparked by an illegal cannabis grow-op. Investigators discovered the indoor marijuana grow during the blaze, which included an explosion, on Mar. 17 in the basement of the Elkhorn City residence, according to WAVE3News . Upon arriving, the father tried to prevent the team of rescuers, which included Elkhorn City Police Chief Bobby Sexton, from accessing the home. It is alleged the father grabbed and pushed Sexton in a bid to prevent entry. Rand Paul introduces bill to boost hemp THC limits Weed smell from passing vehicle kicks super-nosed deputy into high gear Special delivery: Kentucky man busted after receiving weed in the mail The father and both sons were reportedly covered in soot when emergency workers arrived on the scene, WAVE3 reports. But the responders eventually did gain access to the home and soon thereafter discovered evidence of the grow-op, later determining a short in the associated wiring caused the blaze, the station cites Elkhorn police as saying. Anthony Cantrell, 59, Adam Cantrell, 26, and Cody Cantrell, 35, have been charged with marijuana cultivation, while the father also faces one count of assaulting a police officer. There was no mention of whether or not any plants were still present and, if so, how many. According to Criminal Defence Lawyer , it is against the law to grow cannabis in Kentucky, including planting, cultivating or harvesting marijuana with the intent to sell or transfer it. “A person who possesses five or more plants is presumed to be cultivating with the intent to sell,” the information notes. A first offence for growing five or more marijuana plants is a class D felony, punishable…

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Source : Weed grow fire attracts emergency staff and lands father, two sons in hot water

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