This Toronto man is treating a rare neurological disorder with psilocybin mushrooms

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This story first appeared in Weekend Dispensary, a weekly newsletter from The GrowthOp. Signup now to get a story delivered to your inbox every Saturday.  Michael Reynolds* knew he was in trouble when he started losing the feeling in his fingertips. A musician and multi-instrumentalist, Reynolds had recovered from a case of Guillain-Barré syndrome, a disorder where the immune system attacks the nervous system, about a decade earlier. Reynold’s initial case led to a five-week hospital stay, followed by six months in a wheelchair, and lasting nerve damage. He was treated with intravenous injections of immunoglobulins — proteins produced by the immune system that attack infecting organisms — and physiotherapy. After several months of treatment, he made a significant recovery. But then the numbness in his hands returned. He started cancelling gigs as his condition quickly worsened. Within a week he had almost no feeling left in his fingers. “It was affecting my playing really severely,” Reynolds tells The GrowthOp. “My drumsticks were flying out of my hands. I was very, very worried.” Frustrated by traditional treatments and previous health care experiences, Reynolds started researching natural remedies. He’d had success using medical cannabis to manage pain symptoms in the past, so when a friend on Facebook suggested he try psilocybin, the ingredient in magic mushrooms, he decided to give it a shot. What’s in your cannabis vape? Canadian cannabis companies turn to art to connect with consumers Meet the cannabis moms and entrepreneurs that Facebook and Instagram are banning After consuming his first dose of psilocybin, the feeling in his fingers started to return. So he took them again the next day, and then again the next day. Each time, he consumed about a gram and a half of mushrooms, a relatively low dose. “Then it pretty much resolved,” he says. “My…

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Source : This Toronto man is treating a rare neurological disorder with psilocybin mushrooms

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