How long does cannabis stay in your system? Everything you need to know


How long does cannabis stay in your system, is a frequently asked question. The amount of time cannabidiol (CBD) oil stays in your system is dependent on lots of factors, but from your last dose of CBD, it’s safe to say it would have most likely left your system after a week, probably less. How long does cannabis stay in your system? It’s thought that a single dose of CBD will leave your system after about a day, but more regular CBD users would need to wait about a week for the compound to leave your system completely. Like any substance, the more you use it, the more it builds up in your system and the longer it will take for your system to be completely free from it. If you’re a very frequent and heavy user of CBD, let’s say 10 mg per day for a number of weeks, it could even linger in your system for up to two weeks. However, a more likely time-frame is a seven day exit period from the last dose. Another important thing to note is that even this seven-day time frame could vary from person to person for other reasons. Let’s take a look at some of the factors which affect these time-frames. How long does CBD stay active in your system — The factors 1. Metabolism—everybody’s metabolism, the way your system processes external substances is different. 2. How You Consume CBD—Different methods of consumption like inhalation or ingestion take different amounts of time for your body to process. 3. How regularly you use CBD 4. Dosage 5. Your age—your metabolism slows down with age. RELATED ARTICLE: The Extract tested over 60 CBD products on the UK market CONTINUE READING Half-life of CBD Let’s look at the half-life of CBD to help…

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