Have you seen the viral ad linking weed to satanic cults?

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An anti-marijuana advertisement has been making the rounds on social media lately, and it is making some parents a little nervous. The ad states that smoking weed is the “leading cause of America’s youth joining Satanic Cults, and that’s a fact.” As one might imagine, the thought of Little Jimmy and Jenny getting high with friends one morning under the monkey bars and, unbeknownst to them, subsequently being put in a league with Satan is enough to send chills down the spines of any upstanding mom and dad. Some parents have come to expect that cannabis might be a gateway drug for teens, maybe even one that leads them down a path to penniless squalor, but, surely, not Satanism. Rest easy, parents out there. The viral “public service announcement,” reportedly from the Ad Council, is fake. Fact Check: Marijuana Won’t Cure The Coronavirus Yes, social media is wrong again and, no, NASA did not find THC on a meteorite fragment Prankster calls Washington state residents saying their street to be renamed ‘Cannabis Way’ At first glance, the ad that reads, “Smoke a doobie? You’re smoking with SATAN,” looks like a legit enough warning against using marijuana — something that is now legal in many U.S. states. As finely crafted a piece it is, the ad looks like it means business. So its claims must be true, right? Not so fast. This is a time of misleading news, artificial intelligence and deep fakes. Technology is now so sophisticated that people don’t even need to hit the gym anymore to look fit for their profile pictures; just use the app that instantly provides the photo with those Greek god abs. Apps also make it easy for creative minds to produce phony social media ads. Anyone with a phone can do it. And…

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Source : Have you seen the viral ad linking weed to satanic cults?

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