4 Key Challenges to Scaling Cannabis Cultivation


<![CDATA[Editor’s Note: This article has been adapted from Chapter 2: Grow Rooms Today: A New Dawn from Getting Grow Rooms Right, written by Geoff Brown, Quest’s VP of Technical Solutions, and Dan Dettmers, Quest’s Applications Engineer.Just as the cannabis industry has grown at a rapid rate over the past five years, the grow room environment has also experienced significant evolution. Growers have gone from amateur to pro, seemingly overnight. As they seek to produce massive harvests and secure a place in the market, they’re coming up against several major challenges associated with producing at scale. This is a new frontier for many and a new field that requires different ways of thinking — novel solutions, many of which are unfamiliar to both long-time growers and the new entrants into the industry like engineers and equipment vendors.  The four key challenges of scaling up in this landscape are:  Lack of experience across multiple domains,market and regulatory pressures,lack of standards,misapplication of traditional equipment. These four challenges have combined to put tremendous strain on the new, modern-day cannabis companies. However, before we can hope to solve these problems, we need to first understand what the problems and challenges are and how they came to be.  1. Lack of Experience Across Multiple Domains There are severe knowledge gaps in this industry that need to be closed before it can truly progress and mature. The issue is not necessarily knowledge related to cultivation. As noted, master growers are experts when it comes to growing cannabis. Some of them were once amateur growers operating out of their basement or small-footprint operations, others have a Ph.D. in related fields — now they’re bringing their world-class knowledge to a newly legitimized market as employees, shareholders, executives or even founders, of new cannabis companies. Naturally, any industry that started in a basement is bound to experience…

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