Report: Dozens of White House staff members suspended or asked to resign due to past cannabis use

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Despite issuing a statement earlier this month that past cannabis use wouldn’t be automatically disqualifying for White House applicants in the Biden administration, a new report alleges that several staffers have been asked to resign over their cannabis consumption. The Daily Beast is reporting that “dozens” of White House staff members have been “ suspended, asked to resign, or placed in a remote work program due to past marijuana use.” Smoked weed in the past? That doesn’t mean a person can’t work at the White House Message to U.S. politicians: Legalizing weed tops the list of national policies citizens want to see done Top Democratic Senators say draft of cannabis reform measures will be released in “the early part of this year” In February, NBC reported that the Biden administration was issuing new guidelines and past cannabis use would no longer be automatically disqualifying for White House applicants. Cannabis remains federally illegal, which means past use could prevent applicants from receiving necessary security clearances. According to NBC , the White House would take a new approach and would address past cannabis use on a case-by-case basis and potentially waive the requirement that applicants be eligible for a “Top Secret” clearance. “This does mark the beginning of a trend in the federal sector of moving toward a less strict standard vis-a-vis marijuana use, and I expect that trend to continue,” Washington, D.C.-based lawyer John Mahoney told the Washington Post following the news. But it seems the relaxation of the White House’s cannabis policies may have been overstated. One staffer who was asked to resign told The Daily Beast that “nothing was explained.” “The policies were never explained, the threshold for what was excusable and what was inexcusable was never explained,” the ex-staffer said.  A White House spokesperson reportedly disputed the number…

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Source : Report: Dozens of White House staff members suspended or asked to resign due to past cannabis use

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