Mice study suggests this synthetic cannabinoid can reduce essential tremor

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Researchers from the University of Copenhagen have found that injecting mice with a specific synthetic cannabinoid activates the support cells of their spinals cord and brains, thereby helping to reduce essential tremor (ET). “We discovered that an injection with the cannabinoid WIN55,212-2 into the spinal cord turns on the astrocytes in the spinal cord and prompts them to release the substance adenosine, which subsequently reduces nerve activity and, thus, the undesired shaking,” explains Jean-François Perrier, study leader and an associate professor with the university’s Department of Neuroscience. Previous research into medical cannabis has focused on the nerve cells, the so-called neurons, according to the university statement. Can the body’s endocannabinoids fight intestinal infections? This research suggests they can How does cannabis impact mental health? Are fish the key to faster medical cannabis tests? Although the most recent investigation focused on disease ET, “the cannabinoid might also have a beneficial effect on sclerosis and spinal cord injuries, for example, which also cause involuntary shaking,” Perrier suggests. The spinal cord is responsible for most movements, both voluntary and spontaneous. Essential tremor is a neurological disorder that can affect almost any part of the body, although most often the hands, resulting in involuntary and rhythmic shaking, according to the Mayo Clinic . While not usually a dangerous condition, it most commonly occurs in people aged 40 and older, “typically worsens over time and can be severe in some people.” ET-related involuntary shaking, Perrier notes, “can be extremely inhibitory and seriously reduce the patient’s quality of life.” In a paper , Dr. Adrian Handforth of the VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System writes “we have confirmed with personal observation worsening of tremor in a patient without marijuana compared to when he was using it. More recently, we observed a patient who had virtual elimination…

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Source : Mice study suggests this synthetic cannabinoid can reduce essential tremor

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