Marijuana-Related Firings In Biden White House Represent ‘Antiquated Response,’ Congressman Says

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The Biden administration has reportedly asked dozens of White House staff to resign or otherwise punished them over past marijuana use—a response that one congressman described to Marijuana Moment as “antiquated” and inconsistent with the burgeoning legalization movement. Despite earlier reporting that the administration had instituted a policy of granting waivers to certain workers who admit to prior cannabis use, sources familiar with the issue told The Daily Beast that dozens of staffers have been fired, suspended or placed in a remote work program after disclosing their previous consumption on a federal form that’s used as part of the background check process. One person who has gone on the record about using marijuana in her youth but who has ostensibly not faced employment penalties is Vice President Kamala Harris, who joked about her own  cannabis consumption during her 2020 presidential campaign. It’s a point that advocates were quick to pick up on after news about the marijuana-related firings broke. Asked about the report on Friday, Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), a co-chair of the Congressional Cannabis Caucus, told Marijuana Moment that “we still have a very uneven response” to marijuana use in the federal government. “One of the things that has happened with our efforts on legalization is that we are acknowledging that this is an antiquated response to an emerging issue,” he said. “People now understand how ubiquitous use of cannabis is for recreational use and for medical use, and it is something that involves well over 100 million Americans.” “I think that you have blips like this occasionally—people sometimes get a little edgy—but this is going to be a thing of the past very soon. And our reform legislation that will be moving forward to will make clear that that’s not a basis for discrimination,” he added. “In fact,…

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Source : Marijuana-Related Firings In Biden White House Represent ‘Antiquated Response,’ Congressman Says

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