Biden Worried Endorsing Legal Marijuana Would Lead To Trump Win, Insider Says

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President Joe Biden’s opposition to marijuana legalization is well known. But the political calculus behind his refusal to embrace the reform during his 2020 campaign goes deeper and may have racial implications, according to an elected official who served on a policy task force Biden assembled. Stacey Walker, a Linn County, Iowa supervisor who was recruited for a joint task force meant to inform Biden’s criminal justice platform ahead of his formal nomination last summer, disclosed in a new video that the then-candidate “was really concerned about how [supporting legalization] could have impacted the outcome of the election.” But while task force members came “armed with polling data that suggested that a majority of Americans were in favor” of ending prohibition, the Biden team had a different view, said Walker, who before joining the panel was an Iowa co-chair for Sen. Bernie Sanders’s (I-VT) presidential campaign. “I think there was a political calculation there being made [by the Biden team] that working class people didn’t want to deal in these issues of cannabis legalization because, for far too long, people have made a link between cannabis legalization and black folks.” SCOOP: Joe Biden, behind closed doors last summer, personally rejected a push to make legalizing cannabis the official policy of the Democratic Party. Now the Biden White House is disqualifying staffers because they smoked weed. — More Perfect Union (@MorePerfectUS) March 19, 2021 “President Biden wanted to commit more study to this before making a decision,” Walker said in the video released the media company More Perfect Union. “But we know that the longer we wait on taking meaningful action at the federal level, the more people we’re going to lock up, the more lives we’re going to ruin, the more we’re going to perpetuate the disturbingly unfair war…

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Source : Biden Worried Endorsing Legal Marijuana Would Lead To Trump Win, Insider Says

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