Sometimes I get high and feel I'm the most brilliant writer

Sometimes I get high is a series about the activities you do or things you think about when you’re high, in deep detail, for the fun of it. When I get high and decide to write, I feel like my laptop knows I’m stoned. We got a connection like that. Nobody knows me like my axe — which is what I call my MacBook when I want everyone to go away from me. When I’m really on one — writing wise — I sleep with the damn thing. The relationship is such that the laptop seems to know how to make my fingers fly like Beethoven or Glenn Tipton.  Cannabis helps me get out of my own way. When I spark and then write, I feel like I’m a brilliant writer, you know? Not one who simply types whatever is asked of them or works their thumbs against screens, but an actual crafter of ideas that come alive in the world of paragraphs. My personal understanding of the gig as a writer is to make words dance in the minds of others. Almost a quarter-century ago, I did just that, when I explained, “Cool is about turning desire into deed with a surplus of ease.” Danced an idea into existence.  And in a story I wrote about the struggles faced by Black American farmers I said, “In the imagination of Black America, farming has existed as a centuries-long, government-enacted crime scene.” Last December those words worked to help enact change. I have the receipts. It’s taken decades to get on top of my ideas and language and operate in the neighborhood of peak performance. Mostly when I got high, that brilliance was just a feeling. Back in the days of putting out my own non-fiction stories while faded, there was no…

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