Vegan barrister wigs could make hemp a courtroom staple


Credit Photographer – Chloe Evans Since 1822, barristers have worn horsehair wigs in court. Invented by Humphrey Ravenscroft, these wigs are a common sight in the courts of law. However, with veganism and vegetarianism taking the UK by storm, what’s a vegan barrister to do? Well, come up with a vegan alternative, of course. Samuel March, a Pupil Barrister and a practising vegan, has taken matters into his own hands. By partnering with Laura Bossom, a hemp textile designer, Mr March came up with the idea of a locally made, industrial hemp wig for barristers. Released through Cultiva Kingdom, a sustainable clothing brand, these wigs will be manufactured in the UK. Barrister wigs — then and now Since their inception, horsehair barrister wigs served to distance barristers and legal professionals from personal involvement in the cases. Horsehair wigs are now a court dress requirement and a clothing staple for British barristers. In fact, if a British barrister refuses to wear a wig, it’s considered an insult to their peers in court. This leaves vegan and vegetarian barristers in an unpleasant dilemma. Synthetic wigs exist, and therefore, vegan barristers have these as an option. However, these wigs ship from Australia, which severely increases its carbon footprint. RELATED ARTICLE: CBD oil vs hemp oil – Find out the differences here CONTINUE READING Furthermore, manufacturers source these wigs from synthetic material. This means that they aren’t biodegradable, leading to more pollution if not properly recycled. Hemp-based barrister wigs, a better option? With hemp-based wigs, vegan and vegetarian barristers no longer have to choose between their personal principles and compromising on their career. In fact, Mr March drew inspiration from his vegan beliefs, when coming up with an eco-friendly, hemp-based option. “I refuse to sponsor exploitation by buying expensive items made from animal products,…

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Source : Vegan barrister wigs could make hemp a courtroom staple

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