Routine traffic stop in Indiana nets a half-ton of cannabis

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A moving violation was enough to get a driver pulled over by the Indiana State Police and a K-9 officer’s nose was enough to finger the transporter for hauling 1,275 pounds (578.3 kilograms) of weed that smugglers barely tried to conceal. At about 11:15 a.m. on Mar. 16, a trooper stopped a vehicle for a moving violation while he travelling on I-65, according to a police statement . Weird weed ‘decriminalization’ measure proposed in prohibition U.S. state ‘Green’ trade-in: Man tries to buy vehicle with 1.5 pounds of pot These guys didn’t take much time to try and ‘hide’ 780 pounds of weed The investigation, which included calling in a canine to sniff the exterior of the van, resulted in a search of the vehicle’s inside. There, the trooper discovered 38 large boxes wrapped in black plastic wrap and six black garbage bags. The boxes contained a total of 1,264 individually sealed bags of green plant material, the field test for which showed the contents were marijuana. In all, the seized cannabis weighed 1,275 pounds (578.3 kg) that the police report has a “conservative” street value of about US$5.7 million to US$8.5 million ($7.1 million to $10.6 million). California resident Christopher Colburn, 31, was arrested without incident and later transported to the Lake County Jail. Colburn is preliminarily charged with two felony counts, namely dealing marijuana and possession of marijuana with prior conviction. If pursued, actual charges will be determined by the Lake County Prosecutor’s Office. If the defendant has a prior drug conviction, possession of 30 grams or more of cannabis is punishable by six months in jail to two and one-half years in prison, a fine of up to US$10,000 ($12,500) or both, reports Criminal Defence Lawyer. Manufacture or distribution of 10 pound (4.5 kg) or more of…

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Source : Routine traffic stop in Indiana nets a half-ton of cannabis

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