Policies around second-hand smoke should look beyond tobacco to cannabis to combat youth exposure at home

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Adults in U.S. states that have legalized cannabis and who also have children living at home more commonly use weed compared to states with no legal use, U.S. researchers have found. Legalization for recreational and medical use were both linked with significantly higher prevalence of past-month and daily cannabis use, according to Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health (CUMSPH), whose study partners included the Columbia Irving Medical Center and the City University of New York. “Legalization for recreational use was associated with significant jumps in cannabis use among adults with children living in the home. The effect of legalization for medical use was concentrated more among parents who are older, with higher income and education levels,” the statement notes. Legalizing recreational weed has not reduced youth use as expected, Canadian study finds Teen weed use in California rose among ‘low-risk’ groups following cannabis legalization: report Researchers argue age-gating needed to prevent easy access to weed-vaping videos on YouTube Appearing in Addiction , findings are based on data from the 2004-2017 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, which involves people 12 and older, to determine past-30-day cannabis use and daily cannabis use by age. In states with legal recreational weed, 11.9 per cent of adults reported past-month use. That compares to 9.3 per cent for states that have legalized only medical marijuana and 6.1 per cent in states with no legalization laws. With regard to daily cannabis use, the percentages broke down similar lines. In all, 4.2 per cent of adults reported daily use in recreational cannabis states, 3.2 per in medical-only states and 2.3 per cent in non-legal states. The jump in cannabis use among those with children and living in a recreational cannabis state mean control and harm reduction efforts involving parents may need tweaking. Traditionally, helping…

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Source : Policies around second-hand smoke should look beyond tobacco to cannabis to combat youth exposure at home

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