Extremely sick, elderly Australian man faces serious charges after being caught with 36 kilos of cannabis

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A 76-year-old Australian man is facing serious charges after allegedly being found in possession of 36 kilograms of cannabis, reports Northern Star . Noel Ryan was travelling in his car when he was stopped by police near Byron Bay in mid-January. Officers found a large amount of cannabis and allege that Ryan paid AU$200,000 ($193,766) for the pot, which his lawyer argues he uses medicinally. Why are seniors flocking to cannabis and what are they using it for? Seniors and older first-time users say ‘yes’ to weed for medical purposes ‘It’s a game-changer:’ Cannabis legalization making a world of difference to seniors The case will return to court next week. Ryan, who his lawyer argues suffers from “extensive medical issues,” was granted bail. Ryan faces charges of drug possession, supplying a commercial quantity of cannabis and dealing with the proceeds of crime. Cannabis is widely consumed in Australia, though it remains illegal in most of the country. The exception is the Australian Capital Territory, which legalized recreational cannabis in September 2019. Medical cannabis has been legal since 2016 and is overseen by the Department of Health’s Office of Drug Control . Increasingly, in legal jurisdictions, elderly individuals are consuming cannabis to treat a variety of conditions. In Canada, for example, seniors are the fastest-growing demographic of cannabis consumers in the country, according to Statistics Canada . Since legalizing cannabis, the uptake among Canada’s senior populations has driven up the average age of cannabis users by nearly a decade, from 29.4 in 2004 to 38.1 in 2019. Cannabis use among seniors is also increasing in the U.S., despite the plant’s federally illegal status.Dr. Peter Grinspoon, a primary care physician in Boston and a professor at Harvard Medical School, says that as more states legalize, the stigma against cannabis is decreasing and may…

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Source : Extremely sick, elderly Australian man faces serious charges after being caught with 36 kilos of cannabis

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