‘Brazen’ illegal weed grow big enough for thousands of plants found on state property

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Hiding in plain sight seemed to be the thinking behind a potentially massive illegal cannabis grow recently discovered on California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) property. During a raid on Feb. 25, members of CDFW’s Marijuana Enforcement Team found five hoop houses made from PVC pipe and wood that were covered with plastic tarps. The houses contained 185 immature cannabis plants and were located in the North Grasslands Wildlife Area, a closed zone of the CDFW property, in Los Banos, Calif, according to the state department . “The site had been prepared to plant several thousand more [plants],” CDFW reports. Illegal grows on public lands are poisoning America’s wildlife Police seize almost 75,000 marijuana plants after chopper needed to access remote cultivation site Illegal grow-ops are stealing billions of dollars in electricity every year MET officers apprehended two men, one armed with a loaded semi-automatic .22 rifle and the other with a loaded Beretta-style CO2 pellet pistol. “This brazen attempt to hide in plain sight on CDFW property is a perfect example of the lengths people will go to grow illegal cannabis,” says David Bess, CDFW deputy director and chief of the law enforcement division. Beyond seizing the immature plants, MET officers removed more than 2,560 pounds (1,161 kilograms) of waste, chemicals and infrastructure from the site. “Thousands of feet of black polyethylene pipe were stretched across the property and was siphoning water from the permanent wetlands in the closed zone,” notes the CDFW. Also finding dozens of dangerous pesticides and chemicals, there were several dead birds, including a Western Meadowlark, within the grow site. “This type of activity is a huge public safety threat and detrimental to the extensive bird populations that rely on the natural resources of this property,” Bess argues. The property is home to dozens…

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Source : ‘Brazen’ illegal weed grow big enough for thousands of plants found on state property

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