'This approach to labelling is misleading Canadian cannabis consumers'

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The CEO of B.C.-based licenced producer Pure Sunfarms is sounding the alarm about potency labelling practices among Canadian cannabis companies. In a blog posted on LinkedIn , Mandesh Dosanjh says that some producers are taking a ‘static’ approach to labelling products, and the THC and CBD values displayed on the products may not be accurate for each individual batch. “One potency label is pre-printed and applied across many batches which fall within a pre-determined range to save on costs. We call this approach static labelling. Knowing very well that potency is one of the top criteria that cannabis consumers look for in making their purchase decisions, we believe this approach to labelling misleads consumers by creating a false impression about the potency of their dried flower,” Dosanjh writes. “That does not sit well with us.” What is lab accreditation and what could it mean for your cannabis? Are the CBD and THC levels listed on cannabis packaging actually accurate? The cannabis industry can help with coronavirus testing. But will the government listen? Pure Sunfarms submitted a complaint about the practice to Health Canada in February. BNN Bloomberg obtained a copy of the complaint and was the first to report on it earlier this month. According to Bloomberg , the complaint notes that 18 separate batches of products sold under Canopy Growth’s TWD brand are labelled at 20 per cent THC, and the ‘statistical likelihood of this many lots coming back with identical test result potencies of precisely 20.0 per cent is extremely low.’ Licenced producers are required to label both the THC and CBD potency of their products. According to Dosanjh, Pure Sunfarms takes a ‘dynamic’ approach to labelling its products and produces new labels for each batch. “Potencies are customized, individually printed, and applied to each batch of final…

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