Will cannabis use affect chances of getting hired?

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The overall growing support for cannabis reform and use of CBD in wellness spaces could cause someone to think the stigma surrounding weed has disappeared. While some will argue that’s true from a cultural perspective — more than two out of every three people in the U.S. support cannabis legalization — it may be best to reconsider that belief if looking for a job. According to data from Simply Hired , more than 40 per cent of hiring managers at mid-size companies and more than 51 per cent at large companies in the U.S. said they still test for marijuana in the job application process. The anonymous survey, which included hiring managers at more than 700 companies, offers valuable insight into how some companies view employees using cannabis. The majority of hiring managers reported that a job applicant would be immediately disqualified after testing positive for marijuana. End Of Pre-Employment Drug Testing Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Still Be Fired For Marijuana Prospective employee alleges Amazon rescinded job offer after he tested positive for THC Smoked weed in the past? That doesn’t mean a person can’t work at the White House Whether or not cannabis is legal in the state also has little impact in determining cannabis policies at companies, the findings seem to indicate. Even in fully legal states, the majority of businesses maintain a marijuana policy for employees. According to the survey, this appears as an act that companies take to protect themselves. While 75.4 per cent of hiring managers noted an employee would be fired for smoking weed at work, 68.4 per cent also indicated they felt employee marijuana use was fine as long as companies weren’t aware of it. Working at a smaller company seems to show a more open mind to cannabis. Among businesses with less…

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