What Is Solventless Extraction?


<![CDATA[This is a story about heat and pressure.And cannabis.Centuries ago, the original cannabis concentrates were made using hand-pressed hashes, with communities on the Indian subcontinent using their hands to make charas. To use modern lingo, these were solventless concentrates, not all that different from products that consumers are finding on dispensary shelves today.“The origins of solventless go all the way back to the beginning of when hash was first discovered,” Eric Vlosky, PurePressure’s director of marketing and business development, says. In the 1980s and ‘90s, bubble hash had a moment in traditional cannabis markets before butane extraction gained a certain prominence in the 2000s and into the 2010s. In 2014, Phil “SoilGrown” Salazar used his girlfriend’s hair straightener to squeeze a cannabis bud and noticed an enticing oil spilling out. Here we have the creation of modern rosin. The solventless extraction industry has grown steadily ever since.Courtesy of PurePressurePost-press flower rosin.In 2015, PurePressure was formed to address this new demand. Co-founders Josh Rutherford and Ben Britton worked together to engineer a better press than what was on the market at the time (mostly repurposed T-shirt presses). The original prototype worked exceedingly well, and the company was off to the races. So, what is solventless extraction?As Vlosky explains the process, heat and pressure are integral to preserving the quality of the plant material—often fresh-frozen cannabis flower, dry sift or a freshly washed ice water hash. The resulting live rosin offers a distinct and pure expression of that original plant material in a more concentrated form. Whereas solvent-based extraction methods involve chemical dissolution, solventless extraction is essentially a mechanical separation process. Processors are removing trichomes from the plant material and working to keep them intact in the solventless world.The end products include live rosins, diamonds, shatter, wax, budder, sugar, sauce, oil: Much…

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