Look back: Tween with intractable epilepsy filed suit to make medicinal weed accessible

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A tween who filed a class-action lawsuit against now former Attorney General Jeff Sessions in 2017 sought to open the floodgates for medicinal cannabis access, regardless of whether a person lives in a legal U.S. state or not. As of last fall, after years of making it through the courts, the lawsuit arguing the federal marijuana policy was unconstitutional had reached the point where the U.S. Supreme Court was to consider if it would hear the case . Although from Texas, Alexis Bortell, now a teenager, and her family moved to Colorado after discovering that cannabis helped stave off her epilepsy-related seizures, according to msn.com . The drop of liquid THC that she takes twice daily has proved effective; reportedly she has not had a single seizure since making the move to Colorado. Lawsuit alleges Chicago weed giant transported pot to Arkansas in Whole Foods salad containers Prospective employee alleges Amazon rescinded job offer after he tested positive for THC Student sues university after being suspended for allegedly delivering weed to a friend quarantined at a hotel Both recreational and medicinal marijuana is legal in Colorado. With regard to recreational weed , people 21 and older can purchase certain amounts of cannabis from a licensed store upon presenting valid identification. As for medicinal marijuana , patients with qualifying, debilitating medical conditions can apply to get a registry ID card for legal access. Seizures are among the conditions included on the list . Texas has had a low-THC medical marijuana program for three years, but Marijuana Policy Project characterizes access as “extremely limited, and leaves most patients behind.” Although legislative steps are being taken in the state to lengthen the list of qualifying conditions, Calm Effect reports the 0.5 per cent THC cap on THC continues to apply. Medicinal products must…

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Source : Look back: Tween with intractable epilepsy filed suit to make medicinal weed accessible

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