Know Your Genetics: Certain Cultivars Perform Better in the Solventless Process


<![CDATA[In the solventless extraction process, even more so than in hydrocarbon extraction, the quality of the input material is paramount. Because the live rosin end product contains the very essence of the plant that went into the press, it’s vital for operators to seek out the very best genetic lines and cultivars and the most freshly dried and cured plant material. Erik Christiansen @erik.nugshotsPost-washed and -drained ice water hash trichome heads. More specifically, the key is in the trichomes.Solventless operators will typically find that trichomes in the 90- to 120-micron range make up the cream of their crops. The size will make it easier to capture the resin within during the pressing process. (This is why, on a related note, hemp varieties and cannabis trim tend not to work well with ice water hash washing, but do better with dry sifting.)Cultivars (and genetics families) that tend to do well in the solventless process include: Chem strains, Papaya strains, Cake strains, Cookies and Cream, GMO, Banana OG, Do-Si-Dos, MAC, Tropicana Cookies, and many others with new winners seemingly being found daily. The bottom line: These cultivars are heavy resin-producers, often in the traditional “indica” or “hybrid” categories.“When it’s pressed well, you tend to get the most original expression that the plant has to offer because it hasn’t been modified by all kinds of super high pressures and solvents taking things apart and putting it back together,” Vlosky says.This is why top-notch plants are critical.Starting out, though, this too becomes a bit of a balancing act. Operators won’t want to invest heavily in high-quality material before they’ve gotten a grip on the rosin press itself. “Before you buy 20 pounds of something that you’re planning to wash and press, talk to the growers,” Vlosky recommends, adding that a half-pound or less of good…

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Source : Know Your Genetics: Certain Cultivars Perform Better in the Solventless Process

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