Hidden weed no match for K-9’s nose

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Officers with the Niagara Frontier Transport Authority (NFTA) and its sharp-nosed, trusty K-9 have sniffed out about 120 pounds (54 kilograms) of cannabis worth an estimated US$400,000 ($500,000). An officer with NFTA had earlier received information from law enforcement officials in Sacramento, Calif. about a large amount of cannabis possibly being transported on an inbound flight to the Buffalo Niagara International Airport, notes a Facebook post by the NFTA Transit Authority Police Department . Polish national in his 20s arrested after $2.7 million worth of weed found at Irish ferry terminal That’s a lot of papayas. Officers find $34 million in weed amidst massive shipment of the fruit Separate shipments lead to the same result: Irish authorities intercept weed from U.S., Canada, Spain and the U.K. To quickly find out whether or not the intelligence was good, K-9 Zev and the dog handler were called in to have a look-see. Shown the suspicious baggage in question, the drug-detection dog positively alerted to the presence of narcotic odour on all five bags. A search warrant was obtained and Zev’s human colleagues took over, searching the bags and finding the hefty haul of cannabis inside, notes the post. It is not clear if any arrests have been made in connection with the intercepted drugs, but Zev received plenty of love on Facebook for a job well done. Another K-9, this time in Nashville, Tenn., was credited for contributing to the discovery of more than 100 pounds of weed inside the luggage of two women from Georgia, WKRN reports . The smugglers apparently tried their best to mask the cannabis scent, hiding the vacuum-sealed packages of weed among clothes soaked in air freshener. But the trickery wasn’t enough to throw narcotics detection K-9 Havoc off the scent. He quickly signalled something was amiss…

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Source : Hidden weed no match for K-9’s nose

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