Prospective employee alleges Amazon rescinded job offer after he tested positive for THC

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A New York man who claims his job offer as a package sorter at Amazon was yanked after he tested positive for THC has filed suit against the retail behemoth. Michael Thomas argues in a lawsuit filed in Federal Court last week that Amazon’s drug testing policy is at odds with the New York Human Rights Law , according to New York Daily News . Thomas is suing to receive compensation for himself and to also get an injunction blocking Amazon from continuing the practice, reports TMZ . Amazon pulls empty vape packaging from online store Amazon employee who says he was fired for his medical cannabis use fights back in court Six Amazon Prime documentaries about Canadian weed Thomas claims that he interviewed for the job at Amazon’s Staten Island warehouse last November, was required to take the drug test as part of the process and was offered the job that same day, pending the result of the test. Not receiving any follow-up for about a month, he called Amazon and was informed that the test had come back positive for THC and, as such, the company would not be moving forward with the hire. Cannabinoids like THC may be detectable in a person’s system long after the high is gone, but detection does not translate to impairment. Legal advisors JacksonLewis point out testing job candidates for cannabis or THC as a condition of employment has not been allowed since May 10, 2020. That doesn’t mean the law prohibits all forms of weed testing JacksonLewis reports. Employers can still drug test current employees and can discipline them for bringing drugs into the workplace as part of employer measures to keep the environment drug-free. Even the ban on pre-employment testing is not without exceptions. These include if the federal government…

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Source : Prospective employee alleges Amazon rescinded job offer after he tested positive for THC

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