Legalizing recreational weed has not reduced youth use as expected, Canadian study finds

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Canada legalized recreational cannabis more than two years ago, but the passage of time has not translated into the anticipated lower use among young people, notes an evaluation of study data involving 100,000-plus youths. “High prevalence of youth cannabis use in this sample remains a concern,” notes the pre-proof study recently published online in Preventive Medicine Reports , an open access companion journal to Preventive Medicine . “These data suggest that the Cannabis Act has not yet led to the reduction in youth cannabis use envisioned in its public health approach,” write authors from Ontario and Quebec. Trying to characterize overall use trends among youth pre- and post-legalization, investigators reviewed data about secondary students at 76 schools in Alberta, B.C., Ontario and Quebec from the COMPASS study. Using cross-sectional and longitudinal approaches, weed use was considered at two school years before legalization (in 2016-2017 and 2017-2018) and at one point after (in 2018-2019). Exposure to weed ads can make teens more likely to consume cannabis: study A new P.E.I. program aims to discourage underage cannabis use and self-medicating for mental health About 15 per cent of young Australians would try weed… if it was legal, that is “Youth cannabis use remains common with ever-use increasing from 30.5 per cent in 2016-2017 to 32.4 per cent in 2018-2019,” the study notes. Ever-use was defined as any previous cannabis use, current use was at least once a month or more frequently, regular use was at least once a week or more frequently, and occasional use was one to three times monthly or less often. While the odds of weed use in a repeat cross-sectional sample youths was 1.05 times those of the preceding year, the longitudinal sample indicated “no significant differences in trends of cannabis use over time.” Study authors further note…

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Source : Legalizing recreational weed has not reduced youth use as expected, Canadian study finds

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