D.C. Psychedelics Decriminalization Initiative Officially Takes Effect


A wide range of psychedelics such as psilocybin and ayahuasca are now officially the lowest local law enforcement in the nation’s capital as of Monday. That’s the result of a ballot measure that Washington, D.C. voters approved in November to decriminalize plant- and fungi-based entheogens. But some activists who were behind the voter initiative aren’t stopping now that their initial policy reform has gone into effect. The Plant Medicine Coalition (PMC) is now pushing the District Council to enact additional legislation to provide worker and child protections related to the use of plant- and fungi-based substances. And they’re asking the city to issue guidance to law enforcement about the implications of the new current policy. “This document will inform law enforcement of the policy changes, and give guidance on how to safely assist individuals who may be under the influence of psychedelics,” PMC wrote in an email to supporters. “Our conversations have been positive and we are continuing to connect D.C. officials with therapists, researchers, and other experts in our network to help guide the policy rollout.” PMC is also launching a grants program to help build the psychedelics community in D.C. The grants, applications for which will open on April 1, will be used to fund “community hubs and leadership for plant medicine education, training, documentation, and multidisciplinary integration.” In the meantime, months after voters approved an initiative to make enforcement of laws against entheogenic substances among the city’s lowest priorities, that policy has officially taken effect following a mandatory 30-day congressional review period during which federal lawmakers can overturn local measures in the nation’s capital. In this case, the House and Senate took no action, so the measure will be implemented as approved by 76 percent of D.C. voters. The new law directs police to “make the investigation…

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