Shopping for weed? Maybe check out a grit bin at the local mall

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U.K. police quickly learned why a man was acting suspiciously around a grit bin at the Gracechurch Shopping Centre in Sutton Coldfield, U.K. after following up on a tip and finding “a very large bag of cannabis” hidden inside the storage container. Someone had dumped the suspected cannabis leaves in the grit bin — commonly used to store salt or sand in countries where freezing temperatures and snowfall occur — either as a handy hiding place or simply somewhere to ditch weed waste. But at about 10 p.m. on Feb. 23, a constable with the Sutton Trinity Team of the Sutton Coldfield Police (SCP) investigated after getting a tip from a passerby who reported seeing “suspicious activity” around the bin. These smugglers stashed 80 kilos of cannabis in a coffin and tried to exploit COVID-19 fears Bid to torch small weed farm before cops arrive extinguished Wrong place, wrong time: Pensioner caught with cannabis as police chase another man through his apartment The officer “located this very large bag of cannabis that had been hidden, but not very well. This bag of drugs will now be off the streets and destroyed,” SCP noted in a tweet . The weed had even been stored in a clear plastic bag to make discovery all the more likely. Police did not release any estimates on the suspected weed’s weight or worth. Additionally, there have not been any arrests made in connection with the find. But a few people responding to the police tweet questioned whether the found “cannabis” had any value at all. “Looks a little late to me. That’s a bag of harvested plants, the buds, that being the real money and drug, has already been cut and taken. That’s just waste. Sorry fella,” one poster suggested . “You were just the…

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