Meet Fohse’s New Responsive Grow Light

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When it comes to growing cannabis or any other crop, nothing beats the efficiency of the sun.  Natural sunlight is free and plentiful, and plants respond to it with lush and healthy growth. However, the sun isn’t perfect. The intensity of sunlight fluctuates seasonally, and even during the course of the day. Inclement weather can also slow the growth of plants every time the sun is hidden behind clouds. Dealing with this reality for greenhouse cultivators is a challenge that has been taken on by Fohse, a Nevada-based company that specializes in the design and manufacturing of premium LED grow lights for horticulture. The company got its start providing fixtures for indoor cannabis cultivation that are setting the industry standard, and that success is now available to greenhouse growers with the Pleiades 320-watt LED grow light fixture. Optimized for Greenhouses The Pleiades is engineered specifically for use in greenhouse cultivation operations. The slim profile of the fixture is designed to be installed directly to the trusses of the structure so that they do not block the sunlight and no additional shadows are cast on the canopy below. With its highly efficient diodes, the Pleiades supplements the natural sunlight coming into the greenhouse to provide the optimal light intensity for growing plants.  The Pleiades in-house engineering team, led by Fohse Chief Technology Officer Alex Gerard, designed the LED fixture to be seamlessly integrated into greenhouse cultivation operations. Because they run on less electricity than the conventional high-pressure sodium (HPS) light fixtures often used in comparable applications, several fixtures can be powered together by wiring them in sequence. “Because it is a lower power fixture, we’re able to daisy-chain the power,” Gerard explained. “So, you only need one outlet to run several light fixtures.” When the variable voltage Pleiades is operated at 110 volts,…

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