Deputies say man ditched what looked like a joint right in front of them after being pulled over

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Tossing away what looked like a joint onto the highway apparently wasn’t quick or stealthy enough to escape the notice of police in Louisiana, who subsequently found more than a single roach in the man’s vehicle and home. Before allegedly tossing the joint, the 60-year-old man initially caught the attention of officers with St. Martin Parish Sheriff’s Office (SMPSO) for a traffic violation on Cypress Island Highway earlier this week, notes a Facebook post and video from police. He was directed to pull over. When the man exited his vehicle, deputies saw him throw away a suspected joint. “Upon further examination, it was determined to be a hand-rolled cigar containing suspected marijuana,” states the post. Man faces weed possession charge after crashing vehicle into cop shop Police seize loaded handgun and weed during traffic stop on Highway 401 Ohio deputy pulls over speeding vehicle and finds 21 kilograms of cannabis inside Carrying out a probable search of the vehicle, the officers found suspected crack cocaine and more than US$900 ($1,125). That kicked off a narcotics investigation and a search of the man’s home, for which he provided consent. There, police discovered unidentified amounts of cannabis, cocaine, crack cocaine, hydrocodone, amphetamines, vyvance, ecstasy, oxycodone, carisoprodol, tramadol and promethazine, in addition to drug paraphernalia and “additional items used for the manufacture and distribution of illegal narcotics.” Hubert Wiltz faces a slew of drug charges. These include possession with intent to distribute marijuana, one count apiece of manufacture/distribution of cocaine and crack cocaine, three counts of manufacture/ distribution of hydrocodone, 10 counts of manufacture/distribution of amphetamines, sale, distribution or possession of legend drug (a drug that needs to be prescribed by a licensed medical professional) and operating a clandestine lab. As for the traffic violation, he has been charged with improper lane usage.…

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Source : Deputies say man ditched what looked like a joint right in front of them after being pulled over

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