5 weed products legendary breeder MzJill can't live without


When it comes to weed history, MzJill is definitely one of the pioneers that helped birth this thriving legal industry. Owner of MzJill Genetics, and co-founder of the world famous TGA Genetics, she’s been breeding some of our favorite weed strains for over 25 years. Jill’s been here since the days of hiding plants in bushes and having to be hush-hush on helping medical patients, and she’s still here in the days of big corporate cannabis and the cultural changes that come with it. “25 years ago, everything was founded for a handshake, we were more out for each other. It wasn’t so cut-throat, there was an unspoken word of loyalty. Now, as we move into the legal market, I do see an influx of people who are not necessarily about the plant or the patient. But I am grateful that medicine is more readily available to patients,” said the seed breeding legend. The mother of Jilly Bean is an old school grower from the forum days of OverGrow.com. You’re probably most familiar with TGA Genetics and her partnering with the late Subcool (TGA Subcool Seeds/TGA Genetics/The Dank). Her first real plant that she ever grew was a Cinderella 99 BX (backcross), and she and Sub blessed the world with famous strains like Agent Orange, Space Queen, and Vortex. “Agent Orange was one of the first ones that Sub and I did together. I used his Jack The Ripper and my Orange Velvet mother. It was named to honor my father. He was a Vietnam veteran, and he ended up contracting cancer from the chemical Agent Orange. I named the strain Agent Orange as a shoutout to my father and all of the Vietnam vets.” Now, in modern times, MzJill still puts out her legendary product through MzJillGenetics. They are…

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