Yes, social media is wrong again and, no, NASA did not find THC on a meteorite fragment

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A recently published Facebook post claiming that University of Hawaii astrophysicists discovered trace amounts of THC on a meteorite fragment sounds like a way-out-there idea. That’s because it is. A Facebook post of the “article” — “Marijuana in Space – NASA Discovers THC on Meteorite Fragment” purportedly from — comes complete with an accompanying image of dancing aliens apparently saying IMAO (in my arrogant opinion). Sorry, but George Washington and the Founding Fathers never actually got high Misinformation about illicit drugs is spreading on social media — and the consequences could be dangerous An ounce of suspicion? USC study finds Twitter bots often spread fake health claims about cannabis The post last month was found to be a hoax, but not before going viral. In a USA Today article this week debunking the claim, the publication reported the post has more than 5,200 shares and 300 reactions. Sources that USA Today checked to get the goods on the claim included NASA, Fake News CodeX, High Times and an actual, real-life spokesperson for the University of Hawaii. The post has since been labeled as false information that has been “checked by independent fact-checkers,” notes a screenshot of the Facebook post. A tweet six years ago — this time posted on , which Media Bias/Fact Check calls a questionable source that, among other things, exhibits extreme bias, consistent promotion of propaganda/conspiracies and/or poor or no sourcing to credible information — made a similar claim. The linked article, which has 645,700 shares, noted the THC-containing meteorite was found in the Nevada desert, perhaps meaning the Mojave Desert, in 2010. The article even said researchers were analyzing the meteorite fragments “in search of micro-bacterial data.” It also quoted a fictional astrophysicist, who supposedly headed the university research team, as saying “it gives…

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Source : Yes, social media is wrong again and, no, NASA did not find THC on a meteorite fragment

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