Report: Cannabis policies for combat sports revised

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The Association of Boxing Commissions and Combative Sports (ABC) is the latest sporting organization to rethink its cannabis policies. According to MMA Junkie , ABC’s medical advisory committee has agreed that cannabis use in combat sports should be treated as a lesser offence compared to other banned substances. The decision comes about two months after the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), announced that positive cannabis tests no longer trigger fines and suspensions for UFC fighters . UFC announces it will no longer punish fighters for positive cannabis tests UFC president Dana White says he’s working to “loosen up” cannabis restrictions UFC’s Jeff Novitzky on cannabis sanctions: ‘I really think we are pushing these athletes to drugs that are even more dangerous’ The new guidelines, first reported by, include a fine of US$100 for an athlete’s first positive THC test over the 150 nanograms per millilitre (ng/ml) of urine, the same standard approved by the World Anti-Doping Agency. A second positive test over the limit will lead to another US$100 fine, as well as the athlete covering the testing costs, estimated to be around US$295. Additional violations from there could result in increased fines and enrollment in a drug counselling program. The ABC medical advisory also stated that it “does not recommend or support the overturning of an athlete’s win if the athlete tests positive for THC over 150 ng/ml nor the suspension of an athlete that test positive for THC over 150 ng/ml.” Over the previous 12 months, at least five UFC fighters have been suspended following positive cannabis tests. The Nevada State Athletic Commission, in particular, has not hesitated to suspend, fine and overturn wins for fighters who have tested positive for cannabis. “That’s where the issue continues to remain, the athletic commissions,”Jeff Novitzky, senior vice president of athlete health…

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Source : Report: Cannabis policies for combat sports revised

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