Green Bodhi’s Path to Plant Enlightenment

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John Bayes says he’s not like many other growers. He didn’t show up on the scene a few years ago to capitalize on this new age of cannabis legalization. He, and the rest of his team of cultivators at Green Bodhi, have been producing some of the best flowers in Oregon for over a decade and they’re not going anywhere. Of course, there are many OGs who have been growing cannabis as long as Bayes has, but most of them have a similar origin story: They grew up with hippie parents on a multi-generational family farm, or they left their hedge fund job for something more fulfilling. But Bayes took a uniquely winding path to becoming a top-shelf cannabis farmer, and he says that has made all the difference. The Roots Bayes begins his story, as one does, with his childhood, when he first started laying down his roots in Eugene, Oregon. Today, he’s 44 and he’s completely settled in that picturesque city, where he’s raising his young child and where Green Bodhi is grounded. “I’d been going to Eugene since I was a kid,” Bayes says. This was the ’70s and the ’80s — when the foundations of cannabis etiquette were being laid in Eugene. The glass scene was filled with legends, the hippie trail was weaving its way north from San Francisco and the city had established itself as the sort of nature-surrounded, cheap-rent-filled city that could be friendly to counterculture artists as they settled down. The first time Bayes smoked pot was as a teen in Eugene, when he was fishing on the bike trail down by the Willamette River and an older teenager handed him some hash. Bayes also remembered snagging buds from his buddy’s dad as an adolescent, and knowing so little about cannabis that…

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