Advice from Women in the Cannabis Industry: Hear Their Stories


<![CDATA[In honor of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day on March 8, 2021, three successful women in the cannabis space share their journey, challenges and advice for working in the industry. A woman who has impacted the industry is Lilach Mazor Power, founder and managing director at Giving Tree Dispensary, the only dispensary in Arizona with majority female ownership.© Courtesy of Giving TreePowerPower entered the cannabis industry in 2013 when there were little to no experts in the space. She had to make several sacrifices and worked for free for years, as she knew the company had to continue growing, she said.But one of the most important things is that she was not afraid to jump in, take risks and work hard to get to where she aspired to be. Someone who can relate to that is Michelle Hackett, president of Riverview Farms in California.In 2016, Hackett entered the industry when her father, Mike, was one of the first farmers permitted a license to grow medical cannabis in California. Her father wanted to take the business further than cultivation and turn it into a full seed-to-sale business. So, she left her job and jumped on board to help her father build the company, she said. “At the start of legalization and coming into this space, there was little to no structure,” Hackett said. “We really built the business from the ground up through trial and error.”When the business started to take off, she invited her sister, Lauren, to join the team to assist her and the already established team, making the company a female-owned and operated cannabis business that now employs over a 75% female workforce.Another woman who entered the cannabis industry in 2016 is Scottie Gordon, the vice president of licensing and regulatory affairs at Cureleaf.   Before getting into the industry,…

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