8 strains for morning jogs


There are two types of people: Morning People and Everyone Else. For Everyone Else, waking up several hours before necessary requires determination, commitment, and a subconscious-shattering alarm. Especially when that wake-up call is at the behest of a morning run. But Everyone Else might be pleased to learn that for discerning stoners, whether bright-eyed in the AM or sleepwalking till noon, waking and baking with just the right strain can make an early morning sprint feel like a neighborhood trot.  As a reluctant morning runner/fitness enthusiast myself, I’ve found that partaking in a pure sativa or an energizing hybrid an hour or so before my morning workout can be both electrifying and zen. But years of weed-fitness trial and error have also taught me that many pure sativas or sativa-dominant cultivars bred for physical stimulation aren’t killer wake and bake workout strains. Many left me too cognitively spastic to focus on running. I’ve learned that phenotypes bred for specific, therapeutic effects can be super effective at supporting muscle recovery.  Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I learned that getting astronomically high before going outdoors for a jog-walk is ill-advised; I wake and bake to extinguish the morning doldrums, not to disassociate from the reality of street running.  My trick to successful AM weed jogs is to first plan the route, then consume the herb with my morning shake and a cup of tea. I give my high all the time it needs to swell, plateau, and gently evaporate before attempting to maneuver my city streets — or treadmill. This formula ensures I keep my senses and my chill while I ascend past psychotropia to one of the greatest highs of all: the runner’s high.   Green Crack (AKA Green Cush) Consumers wax poetic about Green Crack’s deep head high and uplifting body…

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