The Women Who Changed Cannabis Policy In The US And The UK


While the legal situation around cannabis in the US differs greatly from that in the UK, one key similarity binds the two nations: in both countries, women have provided the driving force for change, spearheading the campaigns to end prohibition and open up access to medical cannabis. The process first gathered pace during the 1980s and 1990s in California, where a number of inspirational women took on the authorities and won, thanks to a combination of bravery, moral conviction and charisma. In Britain, the fight didn’t get started in earnest until decades later, although history appears to be repeating itself in the form of several woman-led campaigns to transform the country’s cannabis policy. Related Post Women In Cannabis: Activist Callie Blackwell Mary Jane Rathbun. A.K.A Brownie Mary – The Grandmother Of Cannabis Policy Reform In The US Weed brownies may be on sale at every dispensary in the US these days, but it was a woman by the name of Mary Jane Rathbun who first popularised the chocolatey, cannabinoid-laced goodies. Already in her fifties and having recently lost her only daughter in a traffic accident, Rathbun began selling weed brownies in San Francisco’s Castro neighbourhood during the 1970s, when cannabis was highly illegal. By the early 80s, the AIDS epidemic was wreaking havoc among the local gay community – and while doctors struggled to find a way to stave off the wasting syndrome that often accompanied the illness, Rathbun’s brownies helped to stimulate appetites and keep immune systems ticking over. Her grandmotherly appearance and compassionate nature helped to win over the public after her first arrest in 1981, at which point the media began to refer to her as Brownie Mary. It was around this time that she stopped selling brownies and began giving them away for free to those…

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