Polish national in his 20s arrested after $2.7 million worth of weed found at Irish ferry terminal

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Marley the drug-detection dog sniffed out a massive haul of cannabis at Ireland’s Ringaskiddy Ferry Terminal in Cork this week that is estimated to have a street value of about 1.8 million euros ($2.7 million). Officers with Revenue’s Custom Service, accompanied by Labrador Retriever K9 Marley, were carrying out routine profiling at the terminal on Mar. 9 when the dog alerted that something was not quite right. Bogus goods mailed to Ireland turned out to be $55,800 worth of weed from Canada and the U.S. Police laud Buddy, a Labrador retriever, for stellar cannabis-sniffing skills K9 Maximus knew Christmas was over. Why didn’t this drug dealer? The hunch — or smell — paid off when officers searched a Polish-registered van that had arrived from France, notes a statement from Revenue . They found 37 separate packages of herbal cannabis “deeply concealed within panels of the van,” reports Revenue, which adds drug seizures are part of ongoing operations that target importation of illegal drugs. The van driver, a Polish national in in his 20s, has been detained under the Criminal Justice (Drug Trafficking) Act 1996 in connection with the find, according to Garda Síochána , the Republic of Ireland’s national police service. The act allows for a suspect to be held for as long as seven days, Garda reports. Investigations into the matter are ongoing. Drug-detection dogs alerting to illegal drug shipments is nothing new in Ireland and around the globe. Over just the last month in Ireland, K9 officers Marley, the Baileys (two dogs and two recent seizures worth $213,000) and James (seizure worth $1.8 million) have all been credited with nosing out illicit drugs. A dog’s sense of smell “overpowers our own by orders of magnitude — it’s 10,000 to 100,000 times as acute, scientists say,” according to NOVA…

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Source : Polish national in his 20s arrested after .7 million worth of weed found at Irish ferry terminal

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