Using weed among young and middle-aged adults may be associated with exercise and sport, not couch-surfing

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U.S. researchers assessing the relationship between cannabis use and exercise in young and middle-aged adults were somewhat surprised to find that, contrary to much of the available literature, there may be a positive link between the two. Results of the study — which were published pre-proof in Preventive Medicine this week — indicate that “marijuana use is not significantly related to exercise, counter to conventional wisdom that marijuana users are less likely to be active.” Indeed, “the only significant estimates suggest a positive relationship, even among heavier users during the past 30 days,” study authors write. “These findings are at odds with much of the existing literature, which generally shows a negative relationship between marijuana use and exercise,” they add. Cannabis doesn’t make you a lazy pothead. It might actually motivate you to workout Woman laid off from her hospital job uses unemployment money to open cannabis-friendly gym Runner’s high: Should I ditch cannabis to train for a marathon? “Marijuana users are commonly portrayed in the popular press as having a sedentary, non-active lifestyle,” the study points out. But authors cite a study published in 2019 that found “individuals who reported using cannabis either shortly before or after exercise engaged in 43.4 more minutes of weekly aerobic exercise on average than individuals who did not use cannabis shortly before/after exercising.” To flesh out the link between cannabis use and exercise, if any, investigators in the most recent study used data from the two most recent waves of the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health. They considered cannabis-use variables — any current use and frequency of use during the past 30 days — and compared those to exercise variables — any form of exercise/sport during the past seven days and the number of days participating in each of those. The types…

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Source : Using weed among young and middle-aged adults may be associated with exercise and sport, not couch-surfing

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