Mexican Committees Approve Revised Marijuana Legalization Bill, With Floor Vote Expected Wednesday


Lawmakers in two key committees in Mexico’s Chamber of Deputies amended and approved a Senate-passed bill to legalize marijuana nationally on Monday, setting the legislation up for floor action that is expected on Wednesday. Members of the chamber’s Health and Justice committees approved the cannabis bill in a joint vote of 34-11, with 12 abstentions. Lawmakers made several significant revisions from the version that passed the Senate in November. Aprueban comisiones unidas de Justicia y de Salud, con cambios, el dictamen a la minuta que expide la Ley Federal para la Regulación del Cannabis, y reforma la Ley General de Salud y el Código Penal Federal. — Cámara de Diputados (@Mx_Diputados) March 9, 2021 Generally speaking, however, most of the main provisions of the legislation remain intact. Adults 18 and older would still be allowed to purchase and possess up to 28 grams of marijuana and cultivate up to six plants for personal use, for example. But lawmakers revised the regulatory structure, rules for the commercial market and licensing policies, among other aspects. Among the most significant amendments is that the revised bill would not establish a new independent regulatory body to oversee the licensing and implementation of the program as was approved by the Senate. Instead, it would give that authority to an existing agency, the National Commission Against Addictions. To the dismay of advocates, the bill was also changed to include a provision requiring that people who want to grow their own marijuana at home register with the government for approval to do so. Another change would be the creation of a license category for vertically integrated marijuana businesses that could control all areas of production and sales. However, there is language included in the measure to “prevent undue concentration that affects the market.” While the bill…

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Source : Mexican Committees Approve Revised Marijuana Legalization Bill, With Floor Vote Expected Wednesday

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