Women with known prenatal weed use had THC in breast milk for up to six weeks

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Researchers at Children’s Hospital Colorado say their study showing THC stays in breast milk for up to six weeks supports earlier recommendations by some medical bodies to not use cannabis while pregnant or breastfeeding. The concentrations of THC varied from woman to woman, likely depending on their level of use, body mass index and metabolism, notes a statement from Children’s Colorado . Even so, “THC was excreted in the breast milk of these seven women for up to six weeks. In fact, all of the women still had detectable levels of THC in their breast milk at the end of the study,” researchers report. Published Monday in JAMA Pediatrics , investigators sought to estimate the amount and duration of THC excretion in breast milk among women with known prenatal cannabis use, representing the first such examination since a 1982 study in the  New England Journal of Medicine . Study suggests cannabis legalization ups weed use during preconception period Does using weed during pregnancy affect fetal brain development? This Saskatchewan researcher wants to find out Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should abstain from using cannabis: nurses’ association Investigators screened adult women with prenatal cannabis use — had a history of use during pregnancy and/or a positive urine test for THC when admitted for delivery — at Children’s Colorado and UCHealth’s University of Colorado Hospital between Nov. 1, 2016 and June 30, 2019. Twenty-five women were enrolled after voicing their intention to breastfeed, their willingness to abstain from marijuana use for six weeks after delivery and their ability to provide milk, blood and urine samples during those six weeks. But just seven women were able to abstain from using cannabis for the duration of the study, with those unable to do so citing the need for stress, sleep and pain relief. THC crosses the placenta, is highly lipophilic and…

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Source : Women with known prenatal weed use had THC in breast milk for up to six weeks

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