How Does Cannabis Affect Reproduction In Women?


The impact of cannabis on maternity is a hugely controversial topic, with all sorts of inaccurate claims being thrown around regarding both the positive and negative effects of weed. The bottom line is that very few significant studies have been conducted into the role of cannabis in fertility, pregnancy or early motherhood, and those that do exist are generally hampered by small sample sizes and problematic methodologies. That said, research into this highly important area is slowly growing, allowing us to gain a few crucial insights into the ways in which cannabis affects reproduction in women. Related Post Does Prenatal Exposure To Cannabis Cause Cognitive Impairment? Cannabis And Fertility Given that cannabinoid receptors are present in the oviduct and uterus, it seems plausible to conclude that the endocannabinoid system plays some role in fertility and reproduction. Whether or not cannabis interferes with this, however, is a matter of much debate. In a recent study involving 913 women, cannabis use was found to have no effect on levels of anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH), a key marker of fertility that is strongly associated with IVF success rates[i]. However, because only a very small fraction of participants in this study claimed to use weed regularly, it can’t be considered a reliable indication of the overall impact of cannabis on reproduction in women. In a separate study, published in 2018, more than 1,000 women who were trying to conceive reported on how long it took them to get pregnant. An analysis of the data revealed that cannabis use had no impact whatsoever on the number of months required to become pregnant[ii]. This was backed up by another study that same year, which found no associated been cannabis use and fecundability, which in this case is defined as the probability of conception per menstrual cycle[iii]. It…

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