World’s largest drug survey suggests women are more likely than men to self-medicate with psychedelics

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Global Drug Survey, a London-based independent drug research organization, has released the results of its 2020 global survey . Overall, the results show that LSD was the most commonly used psychedelic to treat psychiatric disorders, followed by MDMA and psilocybin. Of those consuming LSD, 13.4 per cent of women reported using the drug for therapeutic reasons, reports IFL Science. Just under 12 per cent of men reported using the substance therapeutically. New pandemic survey dives into alcohol and drug consumption habits of Canadians Past or current cannabis use not associated with greater chance of hypertension Canadian healthcare professionals begin historic psilocybin therapy training program The survey, which received research ethics approval from University College London and the University of Queensland, was made available in 16 languages and the results were collected in November and December 2019. More than 6,500 people participated in a section that focused on self-medicating with psychedelics. Women were also more likely to consume psilocybin mushrooms therapeutically, with just under 15 per cent of women reporting taking mushrooms for therapeutic reasons compared to 12.4 per cent of men. Additionally, 9.4 per cent of women reported taking psychedelics to treat trauma compared to just 3.4 per cent of men. Increasingly, psychedelics are being considered to treat trauma, such as post-traumatic stress disorder and other conditions. However, it’s important that those who decide to consume psychedelics for therapeutic reasons do so with guidance from a professional. Last year, Field Trip Health opened its first ketamine clinic in Toronto, where patients undergo psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. Field Trip medical director Dr. Michael Verbora told The GrowthOp that the experience differs for everyone and it’s critical that the therapy is administered with trained professionals. “You have to sometimes do work,” Dr. Verbora said. “You have to revisit things that have caused major pain…

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Source : World’s largest drug survey suggests women are more likely than men to self-medicate with psychedelics

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