Anti-Marijuana GOP Congressman Asks Virginia Governor To Veto Legalization Of ‘Gateway Drug’

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A GOP congressman representing Virginia is urging the state’s governor to reject a bill to legalize marijuana that was sent to his desk last month. Freshman Rep. Bob Goodman (R-VA) argued that legalization is the wrong move, in part because he subscribes to the theory that cannabis is a “gateway” to other drugs and believes that federal law accurately classifies marijuana as a strictly controlled substance. “I write to you today to express my strong opposition to legalizing marijuana in the Commonwealth of Virginia,” he wrote to Gov. Ralph Northam (D), specifically citing the measure that was recently approved by the state House and Senate. “This legislation would undermine the rule of law. ” Goodman argued in the Thursday letter that “if marijuana is legalized, those who have been profiting from its sale in the current illegal drug trade will undoubtedly refocus and intensify their efforts in the sale and distribution of more dangerous drugs, as has happened in other states that have legalized cannabis for recreational use,” and this “is assuredly why a large majority of states have still not moved to legalize marijuana.” “Not only would efforts to legalize marijuana undermine the rule of law and federal law enforcement, it is also harmful to families. Legalizing recreational use of marijuana, even if limited to adults, will likely expose more children to drug use at young impressionable ages. Marijuana is often the ‘gateway’ drug, and its legalization will increase experimentation with it and other drugs. Surely, we can all agree that facilitating more Virginians trying and using addictive, behavior-altering, recreational drugs is not good for individuals or the Commonwealth as a whole.” The congressman—who previously raised controversy as a local policymaker by supporting resolutions declaring the U.S. Supreme Court’s legalization of same-sex marriage to be unlawful and urging the…

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