Animal-rights campaigning lawyer chooses to top it off with hemp instead of horsehair

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U.K. lawyer Samuel March recently had a question for his Twitter followers: Would what he calls the world’s first hemp barrister’s wig pass in court? March, a vegan and animal-rights campaigner, debuted the new life and style choice late last month on Twitter. “This is the world’s first hemp barrister’s wig. 0% horsehair, 100% vegan friendly. What do we think? Will it pass in court?” he tweeted of the prototype wig. The 100 per cent hemp prototype was made by Cultiva Kingdom,  a hemp manufacturer that develops sustainable materials for the textile industry. Is hemp the future of cannabis packaging? Moo…re info needed about whether hemp-eating cows can transfer cannabinoids like THC to milk What went wrong with hemp? And is there anything to learn from all the mistakes that were made? “Hemp Hemp Hooray for the Vegan Barrister @Sam_Oscar_March  – Let’s make history!” Cultiva Kingdom tweeted earlier this month regarding its partnership with March. The horsehair wigs reportedly started with the company Humphrey Ravenscroft, now Ede & Ravenscroft, in 1822. “For 320 years Ede & Ravenscroft has upheld its reputation as tailors of distinction. Meticulous craftsmanship has rewarded the company with commissions from royalty to the judiciary,” notes the company website . The horsehair used in current barrister’s wigs is said to be collected during the animals’ care and hygiene, according to Green Queen . However, the publication quoted March as saying that even if there is no immediate harm to an animal, incentivising use could lead to commodifying the sale of animal bodies. The prototype wig is said to be 100 per cent biodegradable and made entirely from hemp, Green Queen reports. March again modeled the vegan option — from all sides — this past weekend, attracting more questions and attention. “Definitely interested in this Sam. Keen to…

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Source : Animal-rights campaigning lawyer chooses to top it off with hemp instead of horsehair

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